The challenge

Most companies overlook their strategy as long as they meet their budget objectives, sacrificing what is important in the altar of what is urgent…

All the organization’s energy is focused on the operation (maintaining value) resulting in predictable and linear organic growth. .
How much longer will this business model last? 

The barriers

Why do you believe companies fail at implementing their strategies?

NO consistent method to describe the strategy.
60% of the organizations do not align their budgets to the strategies.
70% of the executives do not have their performance goals aligned to the strategy.
95% of the staff don’t understand the strategy or their roles in its context.
67% of the support areas, such as HR or IT are not aligned with the strategy.
85% of the senior executives spend less than one hour a month discussing the organizational strategy.

The Seminar

Rediscover a model to reenergize your organization’s strategy in a one day immersion program.

The world is changing and strategy management is evolving to meet the needs. New problems cannot be resolved using traditional methodologies.

Explore the “next practice” methodology to ensure a successful implementation and administration of your strategy.

Join our experts and other executives to review concepts  in Visioning, Blue Ocean, Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecard, Total Alignment, ImmerseMap, Strategic Process Management, Strategy Review Meetings, and Office of Strategy Management.



  • 8:45 AM -


  • 9:00 AM -

    Inspire! | Intrapreneurship 2.0 - Disrupt and propel profitable growth

    Strong, well respected businesses that cannot adapt quickly often lose their markets and market share within months. To stay relevant you must inspire your organization using methods that promote successful internal innovation, intrapreneurship and organization adaptability leveraging the collective IQ. Be inspired by this award-winning keynote.


    Scott Hamilton.

  • 9:55 AM -

    Project! | Vision & Strategy - Rescue your Strategic Destination

    The development of a vision and a strategy is the most critical factor to ensure the long term success of an organization. Nevertheless, the vision often ends up decorating presentations and the company’s website. Clarify your purpose. How do you propose to create value? A renewed view in the development of the vision and the strategy as input to a successful execution.


    Juan Piacquadio

  • 11:05 AM -

    Execute! | Translate Your Strategy - Build a model to execute the plan

    9 out of 10 strategies fail to get implemented. The ideas may be great but designing a plan and designing the execution are different agendas. Rediscover the true spirit of Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards and you will look at your strategy like never before. Create cause and effect roadmaps, measure, define goals and link your projects.


    Walter Larralde

  • 12:00 PM -


  • 1:00 PM -

    Deploy! | Align Your Organization - Alignment as part of the planning process

    95% of the contributors of an organization do not understand the strategy. Alignment is not perceived as a source of economic value, each area manages its own agenda, but are they aligned with the organization’s strategy? Align, see how to deploy the strategy at different levels of the organization capturing the value of the synergies.


    Juan Piacquadio

  • 1:45 PM -

    Engage! | - Include all with ImmerseMap - Make strategy everybody’s job

    Companies need to leverage the “contextual IQ” of its collaborators to successfully implement and execute initiatives. From the “big-picture” goals to the contributors’ ideas and efforts. Engage employees to embrace new improvement initiatives. Learn the IM steps, discuss case studies and generate continuous learning capabilities.


    Scott Hamilton.

  • 2:30 PM -

    Operate! | Plan Your Operations - Intentionally link strategy and processes

    The strategy is updated to meet the demands of a changing world, but its processes don’t do it at the same rate. This delay can impact the long-term prospects of the organization. Update the processes that have the largest impact to your strategy. The transformation demands a formal relationship between the strategy and the processes. Learn how to generate linkages between the plan and the operation, identifying improvements.


    Walter Larralde

  • 3:30 PM -

    Learn! | Monitor & Adapt - Better decisions

    Including the strategy in the executive agenda is not enough; the strategy must have its own agenda. “85% of the executive teams dedicate less than an hour a month to discuss the business strategy”. Separate the strategy from operational themes. Learn to adapt your strategy to the business results and the environmental changes in order to reduce threats and tap into more opportunities.


    Juan Piacquadio

  • 4:15 PM -

    Govern! | Sustain the Growth - Create an Office of Strategy Management

    If the strategy management success rate is low, then you need an Office of Strategy Management (OSM). To sustain the change, it is important to define an owner, a role, a process and a structure. OSM promises benefits to whom can transform it into a central competency, guaranteeing the continued success of the transformational process and ensuring a superior performance.


    Walter Larralde

  • 5:15 PM - 6:45 PM


    Join us for our evening networking reception immediately after the event.


Join our experts to learn more challenges and real-world implementation learning experiences in different verticals.

Scott Hamilton.

President & CEO
ENP Institute

Juan Piacquadio

Managing Director

Walter Larralde

Managing Director

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